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képzések szakkereső Vezetés és szervezés MSc angol nyelven

Vezetés és szervezés MSc angol nyelven

production systems
service systems
public administration systems
business analytics
organizational culture
Képzés munkarendje
Oktatás nyelve
Képzési idő
4 félév
Képzés indulása
Ponthatár (legutóbbi)
MNA 80
Finanszírozási forma
Állami ösztöndíjas
Önköltség összege
400 000 Ft/félév

Get to know the organization where you work, the environment that awaits you at your workplace after university.

Miért ezt a szakot válaszd?

You should choose this master's course if you want to gain deeper knowledge of the economic, human and behavioral aspects and structure of companies and organizations, even in English.

Mi kell a sikeres felvételihez?

BSc/BA in the field of either Economics and/or Management or Engineering or Natural Sciences
In case of BA/BSc in Engineering or Natural Sciences, completion of a minimum of 60 ECTS (or equivalent) should be proven in the following areas of study:
- 20 ECTS in Quantitative Studies
- 20 ECTS in Economics and Management Studies
- 20 ECTS in Natural or Social Sciences

Applicants may be admitted with having completed 40 ECTS from the disciplines listed above; the remaining 20 ECTS need to be completed during the first year of the programme.

A proof of completion of the required ECTS credits is compulsory for all applicants, regardless their preliminary studies or the field of study (discipline) of their BA/BSc diploma.
B2 level command of English: a TOEFL iBT score of 88 and above, IELTS overall band 6.5 or above
Minimum level of language proficiency: Oral B2 / Written B2 - Entrance type both, type of exam electronic

Applicants will have to take an on-line entrance examination, consisting of two parts. Firstly, an entry assignment will have to be completed and submitted in writing electronically, which needs to be submitted and reviewed before the second part of the entrance exam. Secondly, a motivational interview will be conducted on-line, where students are expected to give an account of their prior interest, skills and trainings, but also, to express their motivation for joining the programme.

Miről szól a képzés?

The goal of the master's program is to train professionals who are able to solve complex problems where economic, social, and sustainability issues are paired with technology related questions. They learn the extended body of knowledge which necessary to perform as management professionals in a world where production, service and public administration processes are affected by digital transformation. All courses and the extracurricular professional programs provided by the school support students to be ready for working in a multidisciplinary and international working environment as well-prepared professionals.

Mit fogsz tanulni?

During the master's program, you will touch on the following areas and topics:
Economics, Quantitative Methods, Management and Marketing, Corporate Law, Production and Operations Management, Accounting, Organisational Behavior and Leadership, Data Analytics, Corporate Finance, Production Organisation, Quality Management, Investments, Environmental Management Systems, Management Information Systems (MIS), Project Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Analysis of Production and Operation Decisions, Technology Management

Milyen szakmai kompetenciákkal fogsz gazdagodni?

After completing the master's program, you will be able to complex evaluation of economic, social and technological problems, working in a digital environment, balancing short- and long-term sustainability interests, orientations in the professional literature, project presentation skills, data driven decision support, quantitative analysis and model building, complex interpretation of quality issues, cooperation with interdisciplinary and international teams.

Milyen területek közül választhatsz?

Available specialization:
Production and Opertions Management

Miből finanszírozd?

You can also participate in the university's MSc course at your own expense, for the payment of which you can use the university's scholarships. It is possible to reduce the self costs, receive social (financial) support and receive many performance-based scholarship benefits.
Take a look at the scholarship opportunities offered by the university!

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